Professional arborist.

About us

In terms of equipment, we have a wide range of modern gear to get that large or small job completed on time. Our team of tree experts are also skilled machine operators.

Tree climbers

Our Arborists are trained to work at heights in trees with chainsaws; this is rope and harness work that takes years to master. Specialist skills and equipment designed for the tree industry are employed and little is left to chance.

Tree felling

To fell a tree in a forest is one thing, to fell a tree in a confined urban space is quite another. Assisted tree felling with a directional winch line may be one solution for your problem tree. Our advanced tree fallers can assess whether this is an option at your property.

4x4 chipper bin truck

Our tree crew’s main workhorse is a custom built 4x4 chipper bin truck. Its compact design, higher ground clearance and low range capacity gets this truck up steep and narrow driveways and across uneven sites.

Large capacity chipper

Coupled to the 4x4 chipper bin truck is our efficient woodchipper with its large diameter capacity. This machine can process small to medium sized trees into valuable wood chip mulch in a very short time.

Articulated loader

Our compact articulated loader can get into many tight spots, including some garden gates and comes away with a surprising load for its size. This is a true mini loader with all the safety features of larger machines. The articulated steering also means far less impact on lawns compared to a skid steer loader.


We also use small and large excavators with a dedicated log grab attachment to handle the trunk wood. Our highly skilled machine operator has extensive forestry and civil earth work experience. Why not get a few other jobs sorted while you have this machine at your property.

Elevated work platforms

Where the site access allows, an elevated work platform (EWP) or “cherry picker” can be the answer to getting around the exterior of large canopies. Truck mounted EWPs can lift and carry two people with tools directly to the work. This combination can dramatically increase the productivity of our tree crew. There are a range of EWP machines available, so get Charlie to inspect your site first.

All terrain cranes

You will be amazed just where you can get an all terrain crane into. The increased productivity and safety that an experienced tree climber and a crane operator combination can bring to a removal project, has to be seen to be believed. This is an industry compliant work practice that we are licensed to perform. Charlie can advise if your site is compatible.