Landscaping a hedge with electrical hedge trimmer.

Trees and gardens

Your home garden is your sanctuary and trees are a big part of that. Let our friendly team help you maintain your hedges, fruit and ornamental trees so you have more time to enjoy it. Our team turn up on time and work tirelessly to leave your property looking well cared for. Here are some of our most popular services:

Crown reduction

Selective pruning of your tree’s canopy can reduce its overall size whilst maintaining its essential form and character. De-weighting heavy laterals and removing dead wood will improve its health and appearance.

Tree removals

Trees need to be removed for many reasons. We offer you the skills and experience needed to achieve this result in a safe and professional manner, utilising a range of techniques and specialised equipment developed for the arboriculture industry.

Wood chipping

Turn your unwanted green waste material into valuable mulch for your park or garden. Aged mulch can help to retain moisture, suppress weeds and return that important organic material back to your soil.

Stump grinding

Don’t remind yourself of the tree that had to go; grinding the stump down completes the job, removes a potential tripping hazard and allows greater landscape use of your park or garden area.

Advanced tree planting

Getting a replacement tree and having it professionally established is a sound investment. We know exactly what trees need to get a head start and you’ll be enjoying the benefits sooner with our advanced tree planting service.

Root barriers

Installing a root barrier between a tree and the foundations of a building or underground services may be all that is required to inhibit the advance of problem roots from causing costly structural damage.